08 June 2014

Long Weekend Before Career Transition: Charlestown-Rockport

Bob had the week off between jobs. Linda had a week from hell. The stars alligned and on Friday we were able to take off for a three day trip. Departed Boston around noon for Rockport where we could anchor for the night. We had a great ride up on a beam reach for most of the way. Bob predicted arriving at 1930. Actual was around 1900 (stil getting usd to how fast this boat goes) When we got to rockport there were only two other boats in the sandy bay anchorage. The next day the away team (us) went to town where Linda found the elusive perfect lobster roll. Destination for today would be Manchester. At 1630 we were on a transient mooring at Manchester marine.
Photos from Android
Zzzzzzzzzzz. Had a hard week
Looking north from our anchorage in Rockport
Smells too good
Rockport waterfront
Shuttle Craft
Nessled in Manchester
Tied up at misery island
No crackers here
Away team in the beach
Misery island summit
Lets go here
View from misery
The old pump house at misery island

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