03 September 2014

Newport, Cannibals, and Miniaturizing Argon

Jamestown Distributors = Thumbs Up
Our last blog entry ended with us happily awaiting a new water pump from Jamestown Distributors.

Jamestown Distributors kindly offered to deliver our new water pump to Dutch Harbor Boatyard (we were anchored in the harbor).  However, when we connected with the boatyard, they were very displeased that squatters would think it was ok for them to accept a delivery.  Instead, we waited at the dock ourselves to receive the package.  The boatyard guy kept saying what a nice guy he was as long as we rent a mooring for $50.
Linda continues to try to make progress learning blue tasks.  The hum of the new water pump sounded beautiful!
Exploring Dutch Island
After a successful water pump installation, we set out to explore the deserted Dutch Island.

Every summer we take sand shadow pictures.  This time we decided to do a stone shadow picture on the rocky shore of Dutch Island.

The only paths on the island were from wildlife.  We encountered lots of thickets and a few clearings and saw a couple of deer.  No sign of poison ivy :-).
Sunset over Dutch Harbor
Spinnaker North, Motor South 
The wind was perfect Saturday morning to open the chute and glide proudly northward under the Jamestown Bridge.  We are getting better at jibing the asymm but Linda still cannot rig it independently (yet).

Then we had to steer eastward and round Conanicut Island and head southward in to the wind towards Newport.  We decided to motor the short 8 mile leg instead of beating in to the wind.  Newport Bridge is pictured above.
Ah, Newport
Newport is a unique mixture of activity and arrogance.  We have gone there many times on land and water and always enjoy it.  Immediately after going under the Newport Bridge, we encountered dozens of impressive wooden sailboats setting up for a race.  The inner harbor is packed with boats with a heavy preponderance of sailing vessels.

This holiday weekend we splurged for dock space a second time during our LASVA.  We opted for Newport Shipyard along the bridge to Goat Island vs. one of the (louder) options in the center of town.  We quickly learned that Newport Shipyard is a haven for enormous and elaborate vessels - both sail and power.

Bob practicing holding his martini glass Newport style 
Below are just a few of the impressive vessels that surrounded us at Newport Shipyard.  Argon looked small and modest among her neighbors.

This is a 120' sailboat up on jack stands and stored under a huge boat lift

Heading out for another race

To fit in a bit better with our upscale neighbors, Bob took to spending a couple hours polishing the stainless steel.  Linda went to a spa.
Bob labors for a couple hours getting Argon shiny....

... while Linda went to a spa
Newport Visitors
We enjoyed connecting with quite a few friends during our two days in Newport:
Matt LeDuc with Latitude Yacht Brokerage came for a visit with his kids Zach and Sophie.  Matt sold us our prior sailboat, Fujin, and was immensely helpful in so many ways.  We had a puzzling conversation about the consistency of a large bucket of bacteria (huh?).   

Newport streets and restaurants were packed this last official Saturday summer night so we gathered on Argon for late night drinks with sailing friends Emily and Greg from Constitution Marina and their brother and sister-in-law who were all in town to see the Amy Shumer performance.  

We were thrilled to meet in person the new owners of our prior sailboat (Fujin), Melinda and Greg.  It was great fun to learn about their sailing history and future plans.  We all shared some uh oh stories also.  :-)   Both Melinda and Linda got to know Bill Shaw of New England Yacht Partners very well this past spring through the sale / purchase of Fujin and commissioning of Argon.  We missed connecting with Bill during this trip.

Jeff and JoAnne from Bob's hometown in upstate New York regularly come out to Boston since their daughter attends college in the city.  During this trip eastward, Jeff and JoAnne were able to make a detour post Boston logistics and good byes and join us in Newport overnight.

Jeff and JoAnne posing on Argon's foredeck
Cannibal Ramblers
We enjoyed dinner and more good conversation and laughter at Perro Salado.  Then we ventured in to the back room bar and were surprised at what we heard.  Cannibal Ramblers sound as unique as their name implies and well worth experiencing.  (I will let Bob insert more sophisticated music commentary here.)  They captured the attention of both Bob and Jeff (two music gurus) which says quite a bit.

Jeff and Bob

Newport weekend ended with breakfast at Belle's located right at Newport Shipyard

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