19 February 2019

Sparking Joy for Cruisers

Cruising can be an odd and wondrous lifestyle. Here are a few things that spark joy for us on board s/v Argon. And a nod to Marie Kondo...

Captain Linda Perry Riera

Sparks of Joy for Linda:

Dinghy outboard starts on first pull

Water (and fuel) gauges full

Street food and local markets

Morning swims in beautifully clear, safe anchorages

Early morning coffee in the cockpit

Visits with kids

Paddle boarding

Sparks of Joy for Bob: 


4G LTE / reliable WiFi 
Solar panels generating 15 amps

Making pictures

Catching Mahi (confession: this pic is from 2017; no Mahi yet in 2018/9)

A clean bottom


Sparks of Joy for Both of Us: 

Finding unexpected roadside gems

Island hiking and exploration

Snorkeling on the anchor to find it well set

7.5 kts beam reach
Sailing Argon

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