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26 October 2019

Jamestown Yacht Club Presentation

We had the privileged of being invited to speak at an event organized by the Jamestown Yacht Club (JYC) recently.

Captain Linda Perry Riera

We are members of the Blue Water Sailing Club (BWSC) and are part of the BWSC Speakers Bureau. JYC stumbled upon our topic when reviewing options advertised. We happily arranged to meet with the kind folks one Sunday afternoon at the Jamestown (Rhode Island) Philomenia Library. This library has a sophisticated media room with a full wall screen, great acoustics, and helpful staff that allowed us to test everything in advance. We had no problems toggling between slide show, photo real, and videos.

Fantastic media room at the Philomenia Library in Jamestown, Rhode Island (USA)

We have spoken about preparing for off-shore sailing and extended cruising at several other events ever since returning from our first Caribbean journey in mid 2017. We always adjust, add and hopefully improve each presentation.

It was not that long ago that we were in the audience listening and on the planning side of our first extended voyage

Many assume that we, or at least one of us, grew up sailing. But we are late in life sailors having both first stepping foot on a sailboat in 2006. Our mutual love of sailing, effective partnership on the water, and some luck has enabled us to have broad and deep experiences over this relatively short period.

Some of the topics that seem to generate the most discussion include:

Some of the discussions are about what went wrong, how we handled issues and what we learned

Sharing our experiences, learnings, and mistakes as well as to meet other sailors and hear about their journeys, dreams and plans is extremely enjoyable.

Bob and I tag team the presentation and discussion

This talk was only a couple of weeks before our departure to Grenada to start our third extended sailing trip in the Caribbean. We have been extremely engrossed in our land lives with busy day jobs, house logistics and lots of social engagements. Preparing for this session really helped us to get more in to the mind set of cruising again as we rapidly approach our departure day!