16 August 2014

Day (Night) One of our LASVA: Charlestown-Provincetown

Finally our LASVA (Long Awaited Summer Vacation on Argon)
Beginning of our three week trip:  Departure at 21:00 on Friday Evening with a destination of Provincetown and no mooring reservation.  After enjoying a dinner of We enjoyed a dinner of sesame salmon with broccoli under sail, Bob takes the first watch until 03:00 while Linda gets some sleep.

First Watch
Overnight, the wind was light getting out of Boston Harbor, but once around Hull, MA the predicted westerly of 10+kt gave us a nice beam reach all the way to Provincetown. From there on, we were doing high 6s and low 7s the whole way.

Arriving Early
Linda took over the helm at 0300 which meant Bob did the longest leg (this is normal) and it was Bob's turn to get some shuteye. With a hot cup of coffee in hand Linda sailed Argon in the dark continuing on nicely around 7kts sailing a bit higher. Bob had predicted landing at Provincetown at 06:00 but given the nice speed we made, it ended up being more like 05:00. We decided we would anchor in the harbor which we have never done before in Provincetown (and learned that getting a mooring at this early hour was not possible anyway). This harbor is mostly over 50 feet deep with very narrow shallower contours near the beach. We have 150 feet of chain plus 100 feet of line for the anchor so we're really limited to about 30 feet of water for safe overnight anchoring with appropriate scope.

Sunrise over Long Point

Completed night sail - We had to dress as if it was October, not August but a wonderful sail and in time to watch the sunrise from our anchorage in PTown Harbor off Long Point Beach

And We Still Had A Whole Day Ahead .....
After a lovely morning nap in the cockpit, we both awoke around 0900 and were happily cognizant that we still had all of Saturday in front of us.  After a relaxing late breakfast of broccoli cheese omelet (with leftover from dinner, of course) and sausage, we noticed an arriving trawler behind us having trouble getting one of the few mooring balls in the area.

Good Samaritan, Bob, helping retrieve their mooring hook
Peaceful view westward off bow
 We took the dinghy ashore to lovely and quiet Long Point Beach.  It is always fairly secluded there since one can only reach by boat.  Flyers, in town, runs a shuttle back and forth and as the day progresses power boats will anchor near the shallow shore.  We arrive in the middle of a rising tide thus were sure to haul chin chin up the beach a generous distance.
Argon at anchor off Long Point Beach PTown Harbor

Near the tip of Long Point Beach

Plenty of seals; no sharks spotted

Time to Venture in to Town
We embarked on a very long and moderately choppy dinghy ride across the harbor towards town keeping our eye out for the impressive 50+' Amel, Ipanema, owned by our D Dock friends, Jose and Magnolia as we knew they were in the neighborhood.  Their schooner was easily spotted anchored on the south side of Flyers mooring field.  We had a wonderful visit on board and were treated to an unexpected snake of spicy shrimp (Jose's special recipe).  We agreed to meet up a couple hours later at a place recommended by other D Dock friends.

Unique drinks at Sage with Jose and Magnolia - our D Dock friends from Ipenema

Indulged in Key Lime Creme Brulee
Monument for Linda's People (she's a Mayflower decent, ya know)

And that was Day 1 of our LASVA (Long Awaited Summer Vacation on Argon) :-)

Photo Album from Friday
Photo Album
Photo Album

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