26 August 2014

Motor-Yachting to Connecticut - Stonington and Our First Land Visitors

Block Island RI to Stonington CT
It had to happen sooner or later this trip... a day with no wind. Such was the case getting from Block Island across the sound to Stonington, CT.  We have been in such a stretch of fantastic weather that we did not grumble.  And it was still sunny, dry with modest temperatures.

We stayed two days in Block Island anchored in Great Salt Pond. The second day was spent exploring the island by bicycle and by foot.  But first a visit from the coffee boat!
Fresh croissants and bran muffins at anchor
We rented bikes from a place near the salt pond. These were not great bikes as rentals go, but they mostly worked ok. We had four hours and no hospitals to visit this time, so we got lots of riding in. Once again, we visited Mohegan Bluffs and the Southeast Lighthouse (as we did a couple of years ago when here on Fujin - worth seeing again). Bob thinks he just volunteered to produce the website for the lighthouse historical foundation (they don't have a site).

Kodak Moment on the bike ride.  We passed by only about 15 or so of the 300 ponds on the island.
Looking way down stairs at Mohegan Bluff
Mohegan Bluff - erosion is very noticeable.  The southern coastline of Block Island loses and average of 3 feet per year.

Southeast Lighthouse was built in 1856 due to so many shipwrecks off Block Island shores the prior 30 years

Fresnel lens at the top of the Lighthouse.   Learn more here Wiki Fresnel Lens
The Southeast Lighthouse used to be located on this rock we are posing on.  In 1993 the entire 2000 ton structure was moved 300 feet back to where it is today due to the eroding cliffs. 

And another perfect Lobster Roll enjoyed on the front porch of the National Inn and Restaurant.
No mayo. No lettuce. No huge roll.  Just warm lobster, butter and a toasted hot dog roll.  Impossible to find in Massachusetts.
Off to Connecticut
We pulled the anchor pretty early the next day and took off for Stonington, CT. We noticed as we left that the speed transducer was not functioning. This time, it would be Linda's turn to dive under the boat and un-stick it.  There was very little wind in the sound and what little there was was on our nose so we made some electricity and hot water for a few hours.

Another sunrise - they never get old

Chief Navigator - always studying the charts

Temporary tie-up and fueling at Dodson's Boatyard Stonington.  We really liked this boatyard and the entire Stonington Harbor.  Also were able to give Argon a good deck and hull cleaning finally.
Stonington harbor is lovely and one we will definitely visit again. We took the opportunity to visit the fuel dock and top off diesel but more importantly water. We only took 7.6gal of diesel but both fresh water tanks were getting a bit thirsty. Water is turning out to be the one resource which gets tight on a long cruise like this. Our head flushes with fresh water which increases the usage even more. We're learning to take very quick showers and use as little as possible for washing dishes.  We are also evaluating whether to get solar panels or a wind generator.
Linda dives in to get ready for venturing under the hull to fix the speed transducer
Activities in Stonington
Mostly we just walked around. We had zillow running on the iPhone and were checking out home prices as we walked around the town. One could actually do OK selling a house in Arlington, and buying one down here. Along the way, we discovered New England Science and Sailing. An educational program that combines science and sailing for kids. How cool. So Linda rented a paddle board from them for a couple hours while Bob went back to the ship to do some work.

Bob is being very disciplined about his working from boat time.  Linda has yet to even log on (but will do so this afternoon, maybe.)
We enjoyed dinner and catching up with Ree and Sammy who joined us by land at Dogwatch cafe back at Dodson Boatyard.

Linda, Bob, Sammy and Marie
And onward now to Mystic!......


  1. Sounds like it's been a great trip so far. We will keep lookouts posted for you -- and for that poor deer. Strong rip currents on LIS today.

  2. Did you hit the Dog Watch Cafe in Stonington? Our favorite.

  3. What a trip, excellent! Lots of destinations up there!


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