14 August 2014

Weekend with Friends and Sailing with the Master - 1 Aug and 11 Aug 2014

Lori and Todd Visit from DC
We were thrilled to host Linda's deer friends of nearly 30 years, Lori and Todd, for a weekend in Boston.  Lori and Todd are in the marines currently living outside of Washington DC.  (They were with Linda during the birth of her first son when he was born nearly 8 weeks early as they vacationed together more than 26 years ago - so there is a lot of history among this group.)

Lori chills in the cockpit while docked at Constitution Marina on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon

Todd naps in the hammock

Bob plays killer guitar and keyboards with Tsunami of Sound at Sally O'Brien's in Somerville Friday night
Despite low wind, clouds and rain in the forecast we set sail Saturday late morning.  Motored out of the harbor and beyond Deer Island but then were able to hoist the sails and catch some gentle winds.

Todd, Lori and Linda (I love this couple)

"Lori O" lobster boat - coincidental connection to Lori Oneto D'Agostino :-)


Marblehead for the Night
We grabbed a mooring with Boston Yacht Club (no hats) for an overnight stay.  Met up with Brenton and Jillien for a fun visit over drinks at Jack Tars (forgot to take a pick - but we remember the laughs!).
Moored in Marblehead Harbor for overnight stay

Departing Marblehead Harbor for a leisurely trip back to Boston

Final visit back at Constitution with Gersham and Ajay before Lori and Todd head back to DC

Argon taken from Prairie Gold as we glide northward in the mild wind 

Bill Shaw Jr
We had the most awesome broker for Argon. Bill Shaw Jr. has an illustrious family heritage in Sailing. He grew up immersed in the sailing business as his dad Bill Sr. ran Pearson Yachts for many years. We were lucky enough to have Bill and his wife Lynne join us for a sail and show us all the things we do wrong (lots).

This sail was at the same time as our "super moon" and we were out at low tide - by which I mean REALLY LOW tide. This next picture shows Lower Middle - a spot that is normally two or three feet under water at low tide. This is the first time I have ever seen it exposed

Busy week before taking off
We're getting ready to take off for three weeks of sailing but first we had a busy week between our normal day gigs and three charters including our first ever wedding charter. We picked up the happy couple after their reception at 22:30 and sailed around the harbor until after midnight.  We had that beautiful (super) full moon and a nice light breeze over the beam. Below are some photos of the pick-up at Liberty Wharf in South Boston.

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